5th HCM Veteran Volleyball Championship 2015











2.1. Main Organizer        : Kelab Sukan VPM.


2.2 .Co-organizer             : Department of Youth & Sports, Penang.                            


2.3. Main Sponsor           : Mr. Ho Chee Meng.

3.         DATE & VENUE:


3.1. Date                              :   5th –7 thJune 2015.


3.2. Venue                           :  Kompleks Belia & Sukan, Batu Uban, Penang.

4.         OBJECTIVES:


4.1. To organize healthy activities/sports and promote veteran volleyball.


4.2. To raise FUND for volleyball development programs.


4.3. To encourage fellowship and friendship amongst the players & officials.




5.1. Registration fee is RM 600.00 per team (including dinner maximum 15 pax).




6.1. This championship is opened to all invited veteran volleyball teams:-


6.1.1.  Men’s Category – 40 years old & above           (Born on 1975 and before).


6.1.2.  Women’s Category – 35 years old & above    (Born on 1980 and before).

           6.2.   A team is composed of 1 Team Manager, 1 Head Coach, 1 Assistant Coach and

12 players or 11 players + 1 libero or 10 players + 2 liberos.






7.1. Number of participating teams are limited (1st come first serve basis) to:-


7.1.1 Men’s Category                             : 12 Teams.


7.1.1 Women’s Category                      : 8 Teams.


7.2. Each team is allowed to register up to 12 players in the championship.


7.3. Closing Date                                15th April, 2015


7.4. All team managers or their representative are invited to attend and witness the drawing lot. Details will be announced later.


7.5. Document to be submitted before the closing date:-


7.5.1 Team Registration form & Registration fee: RM600.00 (Fees payment to Volleyball Pillar Management @ RHB Bank A/C No: 20715800041381).


7.5.2   Team group photo. (For souvenir program book).




8.1. In addition to the stated rules and regulation, the current (FIVB) rules and regulations shall apply.


8.2. In case of disagreement in the interpretation of rules, the English text of the rules shall prevail. Any unforeseen incident not covered by the rules shall be decided by the organizer. All decisions by the organizer are final.




9.1. All matches shall be played in “BEST OF 3 SETs” (25, 25, and 15).


9.2. The competition system shall be played on league basis if there is less than 6 teams and on league in group basis if there are 6 or more teams in each category.


9.3. The final players’ registration form shall be submitted to the Competition Chairman 60 minutes before the commencing of the 1st match. 




10.1. Winning Team                                        : 2 Point


            Loser Team                                              : 1 Point


           Technical Disqualification                   : 0 Point


10.2. When there is a tie in sets between 2 or more teams during the preliminary phase, the following shall be used to determine the order:-


          “A” = Total Points Won                        All Matches in the Group


            Total Points Lost


The team with higher ratio of the points will be awarded the higher position in the group.


10.3. If there is still a tie in points, the following formula is applied:-


          “B” = Total Sets Won                            All Matches in the Group


                    Total Sets Lost


          The team with higher ratio of the sets will be awarded the higher position in the group.


10.4. If there is still a tie in points & sets, the following formula is applied:-


          “C” = Total Sets Won                            Matches between the involved team


                    Total Sets Lost


          The team with higher ratio of the sets will be awarded the higher position in the group.


10.5. If there is still a tie between 2 teams, the match result between the two teams shall be used to determine the position of those two teams. The team which had won the match among them will be the winner.


10.6. If there is still a tie among 3 or more teams, the final result will be decided by drawing lots.

11.      TEAM JERSEY:


11.1.    All players in the team must wear the same team jersey with numbers from 1 till 18 only. The “Liberos” shall wear a different colour jersey.
11.2.    Measurement for number printed: 15cm in centre front and 20cm at the centre back.


11.3.    All the Coaches, Assistance Coach and Team Manager are required to wear proper sports attire (long pants or tracksuits) and shoes (no slippers or sandals are allowed) during the matches.




12.1.          Men’s Category                                                : 2.38 meter.


12.2.          Women’s Category                         : 2.20 meter.


13.      WALK-OVER:


13.1.          Each team must be at the court 20 minutes before the start of the match.


13.2.         Team which is 15 minutes late after the scheduled time without a valid reason shall be considered to have given a walk-over to the opponent team.


13.3.         Team which has conceded a walk-over shall be considered as the team that has lost the match by a score of 2-0. (25-0,25-0)
14.      REFEREEING:


14.1.         The Refereeing Committee shall engage qualified referees for the championship.


15.      SANCTION:


15.1.         A player who was rejected from the championship due to disciplinary reasons shall be automatically suspended from all subsequent matches pending decision from the Championship Disciplinary Panel.


16.      PROTEST:


16.1.         The decision of the referee is final. Any protest shall be referred to the Competition Chairman.


16.2.         The Competition Chairman shall refer the protest to the Panel of Appeal, if the protest cannot be resolved at his level. The team that wishes to make the protest during a match must first inform the referee verbally. Then proceed to play the match “Under Protest”. Only the team captain is allowed to make the protest.


16.3.         All protest must be presented in writing to the Competition Chairman within 30 minutes from the end the match and be accompanied with cash deposit of RM 300.00. The deposit shall be forfeited if the protest is not successful




17.1.         The Panel of Appeal shall consists the Competition Chairman or his representative who act as the Head of Panel of Appeal, Head of Referees Committee or representative, Technical Committee Chairman or representative and 2 team managers who are not from teams involved in the protest.


17.2.         The Panel of Appeal will meet within 1hour upon receiving protest. The result of the panel is final.


18.      AWARDS:


18.1.          The awards are as below:-


        CHAMPION                        : 1 Trophy + 15 Medals + RM 1,000.00


        RUNNER-UP                       : 1 Trophy +15 Medals + RM    600.00


        JOINT 3rd PLACINGS        : 1 Trophy +15 Medals + RM    300.00




19.1.         The Organizer reserves the right to invite any qualified team to participate in this championship.


19.2.         The Organizer reserves the right to decide the result during any unforeseen circumstances in the championship and the result is final.


19.3.         The Organizer reserves the right to change any rules and regulations when needed. Any changes of the rules and regulation shall be informed as soon as possible or before the start of the first match of the championship.


19.4.         The Organizer reserves the right to change the match sequence and match time when needed. All the changes shall be informed to the Team Managers earliest possible.


19.5.         The Organizer and its appointed officials shall not be held responsible for any accident or lost of the personal belongings during the championship.


19.6.         Team members allowed to sit at the players bench during the match are:-


19.6.1.    Head Coach / Assistant Coach / Team Manager.


19.6.2.    6 reserve players 




20.1.          During every match, each team must be present with a minimum of 6




20.2.         Any team present with less than 6 players during a match will be considered to have given a walkover to the opponent.

20.3.         Any player/players who turn up after the official ‘warm –up’ sessions is/are ineligible to participate in that match.


20.4.         Violations to Rule 20.3. will  result in the team losing the match by default.


20.5.         All teams that have successfully qualified for the semi-finals must attend the Award Presentation & Closing Ceremony with a minimum 6 players.


20.6.         The Prize Money will be forfeited if the team violates the Championship Special Rules as mentioned in clause 20.5.




21.1.         Information on accommodation can be obtained from the organizer; however participating teams are responsible for their own booking and payment.


21.2.         A Welcoming & Reunion Dinner will be organized on 6th June  2015. Confirmation of attendance have to be made using the team registration  form to the organizer .The allocation of dinner seats will be provided in accordance to the number of players and officials registered in the registration form submitted to avoid wastages.


22.      ENQUIRIES:


Should there be any enquiry, please contact:-


Ms Angelina Hoh Wan Kam


(Organizing Chairperson.)


5th HO CHEE MENG Veteran Volleyball Championship 2015


                                HP: 016-4703733, Email: volleyball.pillarmanagement@gmail.com



A total of 9 teams had participated in the weekend tournament.


Women’s Category:

Champion: Silverwell, Penang
Runner-up: KLVC
3rd Placing: Evergreen, JB

Men’s Category:

Champion: Pirates VC
Runner-up: KG Technology
Joint 3rd: JBVC & CRVC Veteren

Congratulations to all the winners !!
Visit us for more tournaments in 2015!



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