Beautiful Volleyball Workshop

by Highly Qualified International Instructors from Japan

DATE    :    27th – 28th December, 2015
TIME     :   8am – 6pm
LOCATION  :    Bentong, Pahang.

Photos – Closing Ceremony

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We are happy to advise that VPM Sports Club and Bentong Volleyball Association will be jointly organizing the Beautiful Volleyball Workshop at Bentong, Pahang on 27 & 28 December, 2015 (8am – 6pm). The Workshop will be conducted by 8 volleyball coaching instructors and 4 assistants from Japan.

For local coaches who are interested, please register yourselves by completing the forms provided and email us immediately. The participation fee for coaches is RM100 per person.  The organizers will provide participant with attendance certificate, 2 event t-shirts and 2 lunches besides this great opportunity to learn directly from these highly qualified instructors.

Should there be any further clarifications, please contact Angelina @ 016-4703733.

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On 27 & 28 December 2015, VPM Sports Club with the support of Bentong Volleyball Association, Malaysia successfully organized the “Beautiful Volleyball Workshop” at SJK © Khai Mun Repas in Bentong, Pahang. The volleyball workshop was well attended by 130 participants (63 coaches and 67 players). The program was conducted by 8 Japanese instructors (FIVB qualified coaches) and assisted by 5 trainers.

The main objective of this workshop was to create an opportunity for local coaches and players to learn directly from the Japanese experts. This is an initiative by the Club to develop and promote the game of volleyball in Malaysia.

The idea of this workshop was first mooted by the late Mr. Tatsuya Adachi, FIVB Certified Instructor to be organized in Malaysia by VPM Sports Club after having noticed the Club’s untiring effort in popularizing the volleyball game. In fact, he made a personal commitment to lead and conduct this workshop but due to his untimely demise in early 2015, the workshop was delayed. Mr. Adachi’s devoted disciples ultimately decided to continue with the legacy and we are very grateful that the workshop was then carried out smoothly and successfully.

We are very thankful to the following instructors: Mr. Naohiko Masuda, Mr. Daisuke Nakajima, Mr.Hajime Sakamoto, Ms, Saori Yoshioka, Mr. Terusato Furuta, Mr. Narihito Jo, Ms. Yasuyo Nomura and Mr. Takuya Okonogi and the Assistants: Ms. Arisa Yamanaka, Ms. Haruka Sakamoto, Mr. Yukitsugu Masuda, Ms. Mayu Toriyama and Ms. Yuno Kondo for their willingness come from “the land of the rising sun”, Japan to share their knowledge and experience during the workshop.

We are also very grateful to our sponsors, donors and the media for their strong support to make the event possible.

Angelina Hoh Wan Kam
President, VPM Sports Club
Penang, Malaysia.

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