Launching Volleyball Goes to School Program

Photos for Volleyball Goes to School Program

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Overall it was an successful event in introducing Volleyball to the school students. Student were thrilled and cheering out loud during exhibition show as well as even more excited when they can learn and play after the exhibition show. Looking forward for SK, Sg Batu Volleyball team 🙂

Launching Volleyball Goes to School Program

We wish to inform that a launching of the said Program will be held at SK. Sungai Batu, Teluk Kumbar by YB Tuan Syed Amerruddin, ADUN Bayan Lepas at 9.00am on Saturday, 2nd July, 2011. This event is held inconjuction with the I Murid, I Sukan, I Malaysia program  jointly with the school. There will be exhibition matches by the Penang Junior teams following the launch. For more details regarding the Volleyball Goes To School Program


  • Create awareness and to popularize the game of volleyball to the schools.
  • Assist the schools to set up volleyball teams/clubs.
  • Scout for young talents to be nurtured into future stars.
  • Prepare the state age group teams to be of certain standard to play exhibition matches.
  • Arrange exhibition volleyball matches at identified schools to promote the game.
  • Select and approach certain schools who are interested to cooperate in the setting of volleyball team/club.
  • Set the terms and conditions and upon agreement mobilize VPM coaches/officials to assist the schools to train and establish the new team/clubs.
  • Prepare the school teams to participate in the inter-school and state age group tournaments.
  1. AIM:
  • To hold 20 -24 exhibition matches at the various identified schools.
  • Priority will be given to 4-5 schools that are new to the sport to set up volleyball team/club.
  • Encourage the schools to participate competitively in volleyball at the nearest possible time.
  • School Management
  • Players for the exhibition matches
  • Sponsors – Attire, equipments, food and travelling expenses
  • VPM Coaches and Officials
  • State Sports Council
  1. VENUE:
  • Respective schools arena. (To start off in Penang Area)
  • Within a 12 months period.  (Subject to review and renewal).


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